Buy Sarah Palin and Tina Fey Knockoff Glasses at BleuDame!

BleuDame has lots of clear glasses including Tina Fey and Sarah Palin styles all for under $20!

Sarah Palin’s style can be seen here Governess 2 Chic . So politically CORRECT!

Tina Fey’s style seen here Manhattan Chic features a thicker, glossy, black frame. Now that’s sassy!

Shipping is just a flat rate of $2.95.

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Sarah Palin: New Governess Clear Glasses @ BleuDame

Sarah Palin’s glasses are hotter than ever! We first brought you the original Governess glasses modeled after Sarah Palin’s popular glasses. Now there is an even CLOSER version available! The Governess 2 features a thicker, straighter bridge and a more angled frame. Shipping is just a flat rate of $2.95. Rock on, Sarah!

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Prada borboleta óculos escuros: Inspirado versão disponível agora!

Prada borboleta óculos escuros: Inspirado versão disponível agora!
Ignorando Dior Glossy, existe uma nova superdimensionada ultra glam par de óculos de sol na cidade! Desde o lançamento da Prada Borboleta óculos escuros, da moda, foram indo louco para eles! Lá fora estão vendendo esquerda e direita! Agora você gals para todos os que não são suficientemente louco para gastar centenas sobre um par de óculos escuros estes Borboleta existe um versão inspirada , que é uma fracção do preço! Apenas US $ 14,80!

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Prada Butterfly Sunglasses: Inspired Version Now Available!

Prada Butterfly Sunglasses: Inspired Version Now Available!
Move over Dior Glossy, there is a new oversized ultra glam pair of sunglasses in town! Ever since the release of the Prada Butterfly sunglasses, fashionistas have been going nuts for them! There are selling out left and right! Now for all you gals that aren’t crazy enough to spend hundreds on a pair of these Butterfly sunglasses there is an inspired version that is a fraction of the price! Just $14.80!

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Sarah Palin: $38.80 Buy Knockoffs of Sarah Palin’s Glasses

Sarah Palin Glasses

Sarah Palin Inspired Glasses - Exclusively Available at

Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin’s Clear Glasses

BIG NEWS! has the exclusive Sarah Palin inspired glasses available for $38.80! Hurry, they are already flying off the shelves. They are available in extremely limited quantities with no restocks expected!

Ever since Sarah Palin stepped into the spotlight less than a week ago, there has been much talk about her glasses. Are they real? Prescription? I don’t think it matters – she looks absolutely fabulous in them. Plus, her glasses totally add to her hot librarian/Tina Fey appeal. Her glasses are made by Kazuo Kawasaki – and they’ll cost  you. They are priced as high as $700 depending on the frames. You don’t need a prescription if you just want to rock the librarian look. And it won’t break the bank either. You can find more than a dozen styles of clear glasses at including a style named for Palin called the Governess. The Governess glasses are priced from $5 to $14.80! Shipping is just a flat rate of $2.95. Rock on, Sarah!

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Sarah Palin even discusses her knockoff glasses in this hilarious spoof!