Sarah Palin: $38.80 Buy Knockoffs of Sarah Palin’s Glasses

Sarah Palin Glasses

Sarah Palin Inspired Glasses - Exclusively Available at

Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin’s Clear Glasses

BIG NEWS! has the exclusive Sarah Palin inspired glasses available for $38.80! Hurry, they are already flying off the shelves. They are available in extremely limited quantities with no restocks expected!

Ever since Sarah Palin stepped into the spotlight less than a week ago, there has been much talk about her glasses. Are they real? Prescription? I don’t think it matters – she looks absolutely fabulous in them. Plus, her glasses totally add to her hot librarian/Tina Fey appeal. Her glasses are made by Kazuo Kawasaki – and they’ll cost  you. They are priced as high as $700 depending on the frames. You don’t need a prescription if you just want to rock the librarian look. And it won’t break the bank either. You can find more than a dozen styles of clear glasses at including a style named for Palin called the Governess. The Governess glasses are priced from $5 to $14.80! Shipping is just a flat rate of $2.95. Rock on, Sarah!

Shop ‘Sarah Palin’ glasses (price $38.80):

Shop ‘Governess’ glasses (price $5-14.80):

Click below to browse all non-prescription glasses at 

Sarah Palin even discusses her knockoff glasses in this hilarious spoof!


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