Trend Alert: Boyfriend Blazers!

Trend alert! Boxy boyfriend blazers have hit the scene and celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Rihanna, and Kate Bosworth have been photographed in this fashionable piece. Boyfriend blazers get their name after the male significant other because of its boxy menswear inspired shape. In contrast, feminine clothing seems to add definition and is more tailored to fit the curves and shape of the female body.

You, too, can be apart of this trend and Bleu Dame makes it possible. You might be a little unsure about how to sport such a jacket, but never fear. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Pair the boyfriend blazer with sleek pencil jeans and a satin lacey cami.

Wear the boyfriend blazer as a topper with a short mini dress, mucho jewelry, and fabulous platform booties.

Be casual and wear comfy jeans and scarf with the boyfriend blazer.

Consider wearing the boyfriend blazer with a summer dress or tunic, leggings, and boots in an effort to move along with the fall season.

Here are a few boyfriend blazers that can be found on our website:
Boyfriend Blazer

What are you waiting for? Don’t delay! Get suited up in a boyfriend blazer today!