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As a female addicted to retail, you can bet your multicolored platform peep toe pump that I'm always seeking an outlet to satisfy my craving for the latest and greatest in fashionable trends. I blog, I tweet, I Google, and I'm frugal. As a former starving social worker, and a future starving teacher, I know that every budget cannot accomodate couture fashions. So I surf the web, magazines, and multiple social networks in an effort to present you with trendy items and classic staples that will provide you with the tools necessary to be forever fashion forward.

Trend Alert: Boyfriend Blazers!

Trend alert! Boxy boyfriend blazers have hit the scene and celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Rihanna, and Kate Bosworth have been photographed in this fashionable piece. Boyfriend blazers get their name after the male significant other because of its boxy menswear inspired shape. In contrast, feminine clothing seems to add definition and is more tailored to fit the curves and shape of the female body.

You, too, can be apart of this trend and Bleu Dame makes it possible. You might be a little unsure about how to sport such a jacket, but never fear. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Pair the boyfriend blazer with sleek pencil jeans and a satin lacey cami.

Wear the boyfriend blazer as a topper with a short mini dress, mucho jewelry, and fabulous platform booties.

Be casual and wear comfy jeans and scarf with the boyfriend blazer.

Consider wearing the boyfriend blazer with a summer dress or tunic, leggings, and boots in an effort to move along with the fall season.

Here are a few boyfriend blazers that can be found on our website:
Boyfriend Blazer

What are you waiting for? Don’t delay! Get suited up in a boyfriend blazer today!


Rock Steady in Menswear Inspired Pieces

You’re not a man, but you can most definitely take part in menswear inspired pieces. Men can be very basic no nonsense creatures, and every now and then their clothing can be very basic and functional. Can we really justify a reason why we must wear 5 inch stiletto peeptoe ankle strap patent leather heels? Not really! At any rate, up for your consideration are trendy menswear inspired watches and fedoras that are sure to add a twist to your outfit.

Menswear watches are big, bold, and bangin’. We’ve seen numerous designer and top of the line menswear inspired watches in magazines and major department stores, and these watches are quite hefty in price! Just in case you’re watching your budget, paying for college tuition, or have no interest in cracking your piggy bank, we have the ultimate menswear inspired watches to tickle your fancy.

 Fedoras can hide a bad hair day, or can be worn to flaunt signature style. Stars like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian have been spotted wearing fedoras with tousled curls, and even slicked side ponytails. Fedoras can be paired with jeans and a Henley tee, or you can pair a fedora with a dressy or club outfit like Li-Lo (see below).

Don’t worry; you can still rock menswear inspired clothing and watches and maintain femininity. The trick is to not overdo the look. Menswear inspired pieces can be more tailored, and structured to fit the female frame, or you can accent a feminine outfit with a dash of menswear pieces. Maybe you will add a fedora, boyfriend blazer, rocker leggings, bomber jacket, trouser pants, or a watch. The choice is truly up to you.

Here’s Li-Lo wearing a fedora and chic blazer:

Miley rocks out in tails


Here are a few of our menswear inspired pieces as found on our website:
 Wide Strap Tattoo Tiger Watch $32.80
Watch Antiqued Metal Oversized Cuff Watch $34.80
MoreWatches Menswear Crystal Face Rubber Stap Watch $32.80

View our collection of watches here

Fedora Acrylic Herringbone & Feather Short Brim Fedora Hat $16.80
Fedora2 Studded Band Short Brim Straw Fedora Hat $16.80

View our collection of affordable fedoras here

Transitional Fashion Pieces

In an era where everyone is cutting corners, cutting back, and second guessing before making purchases, the fashionistas at BleuDame understand your plight. After all we’ve been in the accessory business for several years, and our goal has always been to provide our customers with the trendiest items for a fraction of costly prices. Our celebrity sunglasses and designer inspired celebrity style will bring a smile to your face and some pep in your step.

As you make your way around our site be sure to check out these summer to fall transitional pieces:

The Wide Patent & Elastic Stretch Belt: This belt is super versatile and for a little under $9 you can’t go wrong. Add definition to your outfit by pairing this belt with a loose flowing blouse. Channel your office fashionista by adding this belt with a chic houndstooth print wool pencil skirt, and a ruffle button up shirt (we think any color ruffle blouse with a black and white houndstooth print skirt will fit perfectly).
Envirosax Bags:  These funky bags allow you to shop with a clear conscience. Instead of putting all your purchases in numerous plastic bags, use your eco-friendly Envirosax bag as a way to house all of your shopping goodies. These shoulder totin’ bags are essential for any girl who understands that she must do her part to save Planet Earth.


All that Glitters: There’s no need to spend $60 on crystallized head bands. Get them here for a fraction of the price! Wear your hair straight down, slicked into a sleek chignon, or tousled into a messy up do; add flirty flair by wearing one of our headbands in your tresses.

Suave Scarves: Make the summer to fall transition with our versatile selection of scarves. Scarves have been the rage for over a year. Trendsetters like Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan have been seen parading around in cowlneck like scarves. If you’ve got a scarf craving, we have the remedy. Dress your outfit up or down with the aid of a funky fresh fashionable scarf—all for under $20.

Fall is right around the corner. Don’t feel depressed or disheartened as you comb through fashion magazines and visit designer websites. Turn that frown upside down, because Bleu Dame has you covered from fall to next summer. Shop in peace!