Hot Trend: BleuDame Owls – From just $6.80 – $24.80

BleuDame is wise to the fact that owls are a hot, hot trend! BleuDame’s owl accessories available at BleuDame Owl Accessories. From just $6.80-$24.80!

6749 Felt Petey the Owl Hair Clip6737 Hand-Beaded Owl Eyes Fringe Earrings
(Left: Petey the Owl Hair Clip $6.80, Right: Owl Eyes Fringe Earrings $9.80)

6751 Set of 2 Retro Perched Owl Hair PinsEV19 Envirosax 18" Organic Linen Bag - Owls
(Left: Perched Owl Hair Pins $6.80, Right: Envirosax Owl Tote $24.80)

6571 Short 16" Shiny Abstract Owl Necklace
Shiny Abstract Owl Necklace


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