Thick Frame Clear Wayfarers: Shop BleuDame for Non Prescription Clear Glasses from $5.00!

What can be said about these glasses? Just look at them! They’re beautifully bold yet cleverly demure. Love that frilly dress but want to let everyone know there’s a brain behind those baby blues? Pair it with these super hot clear wayfarers for a look that’s all your own. Clear glasses are being worn by the hottest celebrities to the most talked about politicians. C’mon, try ’em out!

These clear glasses are only $10.80 at BleuDame! $10.80! These are spreading like wild fire so c’mon and place your order!

BleuDame has a gazillion clear, fake glasses to choose from! Oversized clear glasses, slim clear glasses, aviator clear glasses, wayfarer clear glasses, colored clear glasses, round clear glasses. You name it, BleuDame as the style for you. So get on the bandwagon and grab a pair today!

Non-Prescription Clear Eyeglasses: Fake Eyeglasses from $5.00!

Shop clear non prescription eyeglasses at


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