Nicole Richie Leather Layering Bracelets: Shop BleuDame for Leather Bracelets from $2.97!

Your Mama always told you it was wise to layer. Layer up in the cold, layer up your bean dip and well…we don’t know what else. But BleuDame does know your Mama was right and layering is just plain good. We say layer your leather bracelets up to your elbows! Why? Because it’s a known fact that the more leather bracelets you layer the cooler you become. Really! Just check Wikipedia.

That’s why BleuDame has more leather bracelets than you can shake a wrist at! Wide leather bracelets, bangle leather bracelets, braided bracelets, cuff leather bracelets, metallic leather bracelets, peace leather bracelets, skull leather bracelets.

Layer YOUR leather bracelets with a tee and jeans for a casual look or edge out a summery floral dress but whatever you do, LAYER!

Nicole Richie Style Leather Bracelets: Leather Bracelets from $2.97!

Shop leather bracelets at


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