Chanel 5018 Half Tint Sunglasses: Inspired for $14.80

Chanel 5018 Half Tint: Inspired Version for $14.80
You’ve seen Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen and models on the Chanel runway all sporting these hard-to-find half tint sunglasses. They cost over $1000 and that’s if you can ever find them. The round Chanel half tint has become nearly obsolete. 😦 But it’s not like we can all afford them if we could find them anyways! has a similar style of the Chanel half tint for a mere $14.80. They have been flying off the shelves at BleuDame since their version was mentioned in Elle magazine abroad and in blogs around the world. Hurry to get your pair!

Chanel Inspired Half Tint Sunglasses:

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