Tom Ford: Tom Ford Inspired Sunglasses from $14.80

Tom Ford WhitneyTom Ford Fonda
Tom Ford Whitney – $14.80                        Tom Ford Fonda – $12.80

Tom Ford JenniferTom Ford Sunglasses
Tom Ford Jennifer  – $14.80                       Tom Ford Criss Cross – $12.80

Tom Ford: Tom Ford Inspired Sunglasses from $14.80
In my opinion, there isn’t a better sunglass designer out there than Tom Ford. But the combination of clumsy me and $300 sunglasses makes me ill. So I’d much rather buy some for a mere $15 bucks that I don’t have to worry about dropping or losing. has several inspired styles from Tom Ford. They are pretty much the same exact thing, just no tiny logo in the upper corner of the lense. BleuDame offers the popular Tom Ford Whitney with the criss cross front and metal banding at the arms. These have been seen on Angelina Jolie, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani and many other Hollywood A-listers. If those are a little too big for you, you can go for the Tom Ford Jennifer inspired sunglasses seen on Jennifer Aniston. These feature a smaller frame but the same signature accents as the Tom Ford Whitney minus the criss cross front. If plastic aviator sunglasses are your style, pick up a pair of Tom Ford Fonda inspired sunglasses like those seen on Ashlee Simpson. These also have the signature metal bands at the arms. And last but not least, there is a metal front criss cross pair of Tom Ford Inspired sunglasses. These are very similar to the Tom Ford Whitney except they are made of metal.

Click below to see all four Tom Ford Inspired sunglasses available at

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